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In exchange for my use of the Lincoln Athletic Building under the rules and guidelines of Individual Membership, I hereby agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Lincoln Athletic Building, Lincoln Consolidated Schools, its Board, Officers, and employees, for any legal and/or medical actions resulting from my participation in activities at the Lincoln Athletic Building. I understand that participation in activities at this facility exposes me to a variety of risks including injury and serious injury up to loss of life, and that I understand this and willingly waive my right to indemnification on these grounds. I also acknowledge that I am medically fit to perform activities that I will be undertaking. I understand that my use of this facility is limited by my agreement to follow all rules and regulations, and my right to use the facility my be terminated by a failure to abide by those rules or policies.

LCS Staff and Student Memberships will expire on July 31st and must be renewed at the front desk of the Lincoln Athletic Building starting August 1st with payment and a current Lincoln staff or student ID.

The individual memberships are designed to allow the community to take advantage of the great of this great building. Any member using this facility as a "subcontractor" will have their membership rights revoked. This rule includes a ban on any individual or group coaching session without express permission of the Lincoln Consolidated School District.

Individual membership at the Lincoln Athletic Building is NOT to be used as a method to bring full groups in, or as a method to subcontract in the building. Youth sports teams can apply to use the building on a rental basis, and the use of our building to train athletes at a fee will not be tolerated or permitted.

In addition to the Fitness Center, individual members also have access to the Field House portion of the building to us the track, workout on the turf, or hit in the batting cages.

The Field House will not always be available for members, as there will be times that the turf and/or track will be closed due to LCS Athletic Use, or use by rental groups. Field House availability will be posted at the LAB front desk daily and on our Lincoln Athletic Building Facebook page.

Elementary and Middle School students who are individual members must be accompanied by a parent or coach to use the Field House.

Members must be over the age of 14 to enter the fitness center on their own. Ages 12-13 must be accompanied by a member over 18 years of age. Members under 11 are not permitted in the Fitness Center.

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